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Hard Cast Lead Bullets At Bootheel Bullets, LLC


Shipping Standard 3-5 business days. We also offer a fully encapsulated, heat treated multilayer bullet coating of a modified Super Hi-Tek Polymer on our hard cast bullets. When fired, it does not burn off, but stays on the bullet (not just in the grease groove), almost eliminating the gas issues that cause most leading problems. Non-abrasive, non-sticky coating won’t melt or fall off in storage or transport plus clean and dry to the touch thus reducing your lead exposure.

Cast Lead Bullet Questions? Have a Cowboy Action Shooting event or Shooting Competition you want to promote? Post your questions, comments, or events on our Bootheel Bullets Forum!

SASS Buckaroo World Champion Shooting Bootheel Bullets

View SASS Buckaroo World ChapionClick Here To View Video Or Click Picture, The new SASS Buckaroo world champion 13 year old Missouri Lefty, not only is he the new World Champion he is the first Buckaroo to ever make the "Top 16 Shoot Off" and frm the way he shoots, he is soon to be the next overall world champion.

Bootheel Bullets is so proud of this young man and his hard work and success. For all you young kids and older kids see what you can achieve with the best bullets, and gods blessings and yea lots and lots of Bootheel Bullets shot down range. Congrats Lefty and his great family for there support. Lefty also to add to his belt set two world records what a great way to start his career at SASS world championships End of Trail 2013. Click Here To View Another Video


Hard Cast Lead Bullets From BootheelHard Cast Lead Bullets, whether you are a casual weekend target shooter, need competition shooting bullets or cowboy action bullets, Bootheel Bullets, LLC, has a large selection of hard Cast Lead Bullets to fit your needs.

From Hard Cast Lead Handgun Bullets, to Hard Cast Lead Rifle Bullets, at Bootheel Bullets we are committed to cast the highest quality Cast Lead Bullets for your money, and we guarantee that quality in writing.

At Bootheel Bullets, our Cast Lead handgun bullets are made from a custom blended alloy made in our shop using 92% lead, 6% antimony and 2% tin. Our Cast Lead rifle bullets are made from linotype. All hard Cast Lead handgun bullets and hard Cast Lead rifle bullets are sized and lubed for smokeless powder.

If you are a Cowboy Action Shooter, contact us for Cowboy Action Shooting Bullets. Cowboy Action Shooting as a sport continues to grow after over thirty years.

We can also make soft Cast Lead Bullets to fit your needs. If you have special sizing needs it is not a problem at Bootheel Bullets! If you have a special sizing request, please contact us by phone, fax, or our web site Contact Page.


Hard CastThe president of Bootheel Bullets, LLC, has been involved in shooting sports at the National, State, and Local levels for over 25 years and is on the Barnes Bullets national advisory staff.  He is also a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor for Conceal Carry hand gun classes in Missouri and has participated in the following shooting competions:

  • 10 Year Veteran Masters Pistol Championships
  • 2 Time Steel Challenge and 4 Time Sportsman Team Challenge
  • USPSA Nationals Classifier Stage Winner
  • USPSA Missouri State Grand Master Champion
  • USPSA Area 3 Championships Class Winner

As a competitive shooter ourselves, we know and understand the importance of consistency and quality in the product we sell. As competitive shooters we will be glad to assist in any way with all of your shooting questions or any loading problems or questions about Cast Lead Bullets you may have. You can contact us by phone, fax, or our Contact Page on our web site, you can also order our products online through our secure Online Store.